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In Tiffin’s more than 200 year history, hospitality has played a part all along the way. Fort Ball on the banks of the Sandusky River provided safe harbor during the War of 1812. Pan Yan Tavern is recognized as one of the earliest Taverns. Some say at one time there were as many as nine breweries. There were brothels near the train station when rail travel between NYC and Chicago was at its height. Tiffin had master carpenters who crafted and shipped some of the finest bar furniture accross the country. Some examples still exist. Taverns, bars, burlesque theatres, restaurants and hotels have come and gone over the years.

Here's a glimpse of bar and restaurants open today in Tiffin’s Historic District. If you follow the tour in order, this pub crawl will take you in loop starting and ending near the same location. Or…pick and choose as you like. Our apologies……no brothels are currently available!

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Bear's Den Tavern

68, East Perry Street, Tiffin, Ohio, 44883

While The Bear’s Den Tavern has been a bar/tavern since the early 1950s, Dennis Wickert has been the owner since buying Izola’s in 1974.

In all of those 48 years Denny (The Bear) has continually improved the property, food and services. Great drinks, karaoke, pool tables, general good times are all thanks to Denny and his wife Gwynn.

Open evenings, Tuesday through Saturday until 2:30am.

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Viaduct Bar and Grill

84, North Washington Street, Tiffin, Ohio, 44883

First a bar in the late 1800s, local folklore suggests a local carpenter built a magnificent bar for a customer in either Cleveland or Chicago. When the piece couldn’t be loaded into the train car, it went into storage at a building at 84 N Washington Street, near the train track viaduct. …and soon a local bar was opened. It’s had many owners and names, However it has been The Viaduct since 2010

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The Renaissance of Tiffin

129, South Washington Street, Tiffin, Ohio, 44883

Situated in the heart of downtown, The Renaissance takes you back to a place in time where speakeasies, flappers, and gangsters were the cat's pajamas. This 1920’s themed bourbon bar, the last of Tiffin’s “stag bars” is a 2018 award winning business, featuring classic cocktails and a very adult atmosphere! Live music on Fridays and Saturdays with a Saturday morning brunch feature.

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92, Madison Street, Tiffin, Ohio, 44883

MST is situated in a building that’s seen a lot of restaurant life over the years. A lunch spot in the 1960’s, an Italian spot in the 1980s, a college late night club in the 2000s.

Established in 2009. Today, owner Chris Chase and his wife Heather pride themselves in offering fresh, quality food at affordable prices, exceptional service, and a great dining experience worthy of a return visit. In fact, they hope your family leaves with a full stomach and a happy heart.

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GWs Fine Food and Spirits

275, South Washington Street, Tiffin, Ohio, 44883

GW’s location has been a restaurant for decades. In the early 20th century, the Weimerskirchs established Wyme’s, a family restaurant and bar. One of their boys went to the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, NY.

After completing his coursework, he came back to Tiffin and operated the Wyme’s kitchen for decades, beginning in the early 1960s. He offered a standard family menu for the time, adding nightly specials showcasing his culinary skills. The soups, desserts, and Thursday night Roast Chicken were legendary.

In 2010 Bob Stein bought the business and after redecorating with a decidedly OSU theme, GW’s Fine Food & Spirits opened in May of that year.

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Clover Club Tavern and Eatery

266, South Washington Street, Tiffin, Ohio, 44883

Opened in 1936, local lore suggests it was one of Tiffin’s “Stag Clubs”. As late as the 1980s, the original oval art-deco bar was a man’s domain! When the bar came under new ownership, it was expanded to include its southern neighbor, full food service was added, and an outdoor dining courtyard was created. Today the Clover Club Tavern & Eatery offers an extensive menu, full bar service, 18 beer taps and a stock of 50 different beers.

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Hoptometry Brewing Co.

190, South Washington Street, Tiffin, Ohio, 44883

COMING SOON! A local group of craft beer enthusiasts have purchased a building in Downtown Tiffin, with plans to open a new brewery. The brewery will be located at 190 S. Washington St., which formerly housed an eye care office — hence the name of the brewery. Watch for the opening of Tiffin’s newest brewery.

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The Empire

138, South Washington Street, Tiffin, Ohio, 44883

Empire at 138, established in 2016 is named in part for the building’s original name “Empire Block” and its street address at 138 S Washington St.

Extensive renovations of two historic district store fronts brought the Empire to life. The extraordinary antique Oak back bar with Soapstone bar top is worth a visit.

The dinner menu, cocktail service, and wine selections are painstakingly curated by owners Rick and Renee Perry Reser. Desserts are selected and prepared by Rene’ personally.

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Laird Arcade Brewery

114, South Washington Street, Tiffin, Ohio, 44883

Grab a taste of Tiffin! Since 2017, The Laird Arcade Brewery has been located in the city of the Historic District in the Laird Arcade Building. Seneca County's first brewery since Prohibition, after decades of dreaming, years of planning, and some taste testing.

With emphasis is on promoting as much local business as we can, we strive to keep our ingredients as locally sourced as possible — our base malts are grown in Seneca County and malted in nearby Bascom, while most hops are grown at two nearby hop farms.

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Reinos Pizza and Pasta

73, East Market Street, Tiffin, Ohio, 44883

Reino’s was established in downtown Tiffin in 1950. Three generations of the Reino family have served the Tiffin community. At a few different locations over the years, Reino’s has been in its current East Market location, originally the National Theater, for decades.

A full Italian menu offers loads of pies, Italian dinner classics, terrific salads, bread baked daily, along with the necessary beer, full cocktail service and a value added wine list.

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