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Historic District Hospitality

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Bar Crawl

In Tiffin’s more than 200 year history, hospitality has played a part all along the way. Fort Ball on the banks of the Sandusky River provided safe harbor during the War of 1812. Pan Yan Tavern is recognized as one of the earliest Taverns. Some say at one time there were as many as nine breweries. There were brothels near the train station when rail travel between NYC and Chicago was at its height. Tiffin had master carpenters who crafted and shipped some of the finest bar furniture accross the country. Some examples still exist. Taverns, bars, burlesque theatres, restaurants and hotels have come and gone over the years.

Here's a glimpse of bar and restaurants open today in Tiffin’s Historic District. If you follow the tour in order, this pub crawl will take you in loop starting and ending near the same location. Or…pick and choose as you like. Our apologies……no brothels are currently available!

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