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The Tiffin Historic Trust, Inc.'s headquarters are located in the Grammes- Brown House, located on 172 Jefferson Street, Tiffin, OH 44883. The elegant, nine-room Second Empire home was erected in 1884 by a local confectioner and baker, Peter Grammes. Fine woodwork, antiques, treasures and collections belonging to three generations fill the Victorian-Era house.

In 1988, the property was donated to Tiffin Historic Trust, Inc. by the late Rosina Brown, granddaughter of the home's builder, with the provision that the Trust maintain and preserve the property's historic and architectural significance.

There are many wonderful features about the house to appreciate: the handmade oak woodwork, the pocket doors, the newel post, the Grandfather Clock imported from Germany. In the parlor, there are numerous original artifacts belonging to the Grammes-Brown family, such as the Wedgewood China, mantle figurines, the fretwork between the Music Room and The Parlor. Several of the dolls owned by the Grammes children have been resorted and displayed in the Toy Room. The house and garden have been maintained to reflect the dignity of their past.

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Peter Grammes (1817-1897) came to America from Prussia in 1840 and marries in 1853. During his marriage, Peter Grammes and his wife had four children: F.W., Ella, Henry and Julia.

Peter Grammes first worked as a plasterer and a mason, and in 1866, purchased a bakery from Jacob Bahm. He continued to operate the bakery until his retirement in 1883. His sons continued the bakery business along with John Reif, Ella Grammes' husband.
Peter Grammes

Peter Grammes

1817 – 1897
F.W. "Will" Grammes expanded the business to include a candy factory at 33 Court Street, Tiffin, OH. Will was well respected in Tiffin business circles. He purchased numerous properties in Tiffin, as well as a farm south of town. F.W. also developed Grammes Street (now off Melmore Street).
Julia Grammes married Jesse W. Brown on October 24, 1895. They lived at the Peter Grammes home on Jefferson Street. The couple had two daughters, Rosina and Estella. Mr. Brown worked for 55 years as a glass worker and for 15 years gilding sanitary ware. He also was a talented wood craftsman, working in carpentry and cabinet making.

In 1983, Mr. Brown was one of the re-organizers of the Seneca County Historical and Archaeological Association. In June of that year, he was appointed a trustee of the Baldwin property, located at the corner of Washington and Water Streets, which was the first Seneca County Museum. Mr. Brown remained active in the Seneca County Museum serving as a trustee and assistant curator until his death on December 25, 1983.
Rosina M. Brown (1896-1988) was born in Tiffin on August 5, 1896 to Jesse W. and Julia (Grammes) Brown. Rosina (or Sina, as her family called her) attended Tiffin Schools, graduating from Tiffin High School in the class of 1914.

Following high school, Rosina attended and graduated from Heidelberg College and then continued her education at Columbia University where she earned her Master's degree in Psychology. After graduation, she began her career as a psychologist for the Cleveland Board of Education.
Rosina M. Brown

Rosina M. Brown

1896 – 1988
Though Miss Brown spent much of her life in Cleveland, she traveled to Europe and Central America, and experienced the adventures of touring the world. Rosin brought many interesting collections back from her travels. Through the years, Rosina also continued to pursue her love of music and art.

Upon retiring from her career, she returned to her family home at 172 Jefferson Street in Tiffin. Rosina was the third generation of her family to live in the home. Even though she never married, Rosina accepted the responsibility of raising her grandniece and grandnephew during the retirement years.

Rosina shared a love of Seneca County and Tiffin's history with her father and was active in the Museum and the Seneca county Historical Society. As long as she was able, Rosina worked to protect the heritage and beauty of our community.

Until her death on January 24, 1988, Rosina M. Brown was bright, alert and sharply aware of local and world events. She was a kind and spirited lady, concerned about the well-being of those around her. To those people who were privileged to have known her, she will be remembered fondly for her strong will, independence, determination and delightfully outspoken personality.
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